What are the Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool?

in ground pool

If you are thinking about purchasing your very own in-ground swimming pool, you might be wondering what the benefits are to having one.  Today, I want to outline four of the key benefits that I feel are important when deciding if a pool is right for you.  These four benefits apply to recreation, health, aesthetics, and value.

Recreation is on the forefront of anyone’s mind who is thinking about getting a swimming pool.  If you have children then a swimming pool is a great way for your family to spend time together.  A lot of people love to spend their time on a hot summer day in a swimming pool.  Many families who do not have a pool of their own find themselves planning a day at the local public pool.  This includes spending money for everyone to get in and have a good day.  In addition to that, they have to load up the family in the car and drive to where the pool is located.  The other thing that might weigh on the minds of the parents is the cleanliness of that public pool, and/ or the chemical content of the pool.  It is no secret that public pools have a reputation for being somewhat dirty, and often are maintained poorly.  Not only do you have to think about the cleanliness of the pool, but if it is a hot summer day you are likely not the only family taking a trip to the pool.  When you get there, it’s probable that the place is packed full of people which not only makes the day not as much fun, but might decrease the safety factor of the pool.  With more people jumping in, going down slides, and running around the pool area it is easier for a parent to lose track of what their own children are doing.  Having a pool of your own will alleviate these concerns by allowing your family to take a more leisurely approach to a day of swimming.  You will not have to do much planing ahead of time, which will reduce stress on the part of the parents.  There will also be no need to drive across town to an over crowded, dirty pool and spend the day with people you don’t know while constantly trying to keep track of what your kids are doing.  Instead, you can wake up in the morning, have a nice breakfast on the patio overlooking the pool perhaps and relax knowing that there is no need to rush to get the day started.  You can just have a relaxing day by the pool knowing that your children are in a safe environment while having fun and getting exercise.

Having a pool of your own also allows you to host your own weekend pool parties where you can invite you friends and neighbors over and have a nice cook out without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  Your pool can act as your own personal oasis, where you can get rid of the stress of the work week and just relax.

Health Benefits is the next topic I want to comment on.  Swimming is a very good way to exercise.  It is very low impact, yet provides the opportunity to build muscle mass, and improve your respiratory endurance.  Because it is low impact, it is also a good way for people with arthritis or other joint related problems to get exercise without injuring themselves.  Another group of people that this low impact type of exercise benefits is pregnant women.  My wife and I recently had a baby boy, and I have seen the discomfort, and loss of mobility that a woman goes through while carrying a baby.  Swimming allows them to get some relief from constantly carrying around the extra weight of a baby.  That being said the toughest obstacle becomes the bathing suit.  Guys, they look beautiful; that’s all that should be said about it. Moving on, now.  I suffer from a bad back, and have found that when my back is causing problems for me it helps tremendously to just get in the pool for a while.  It reduces the pressure on my back, which allows me to better relax, which in turn allows my back to feel better when I get out.

Another benefit to having an in-ground swimming pool is that it can improve the aesthetic value of your backyard.  I know many people who take a lot of pride in what their backyard looks like.  People can spend countless hours and a ton of money on making their landscaping just right.  A swimming pool is a great way to improve the look of your backyard.  There are a wide variety of design styles to choose from when deciding on what kind of a pool to get, and there are many ways that you can landscape around a pool.  With the right style of pool you can turn your average backyard into a tropical paradise that will be the envy of all of your neighbors.

You will find yourself and your children spending more time out doors.  The Deck will become a place for early morning coffee, lunch with the family, cookouts with the neighbors, and drinks with the friends.

The last thing that I want to talk about is that having an in-ground swimming pool can actually raise the property value of your home.  It does however depend on the market you are in.  In some places, if the pool is well maintained and compliments the architectural style of the home, it can raise the value from 8% to 15%.  It also depends on the buyer.  If someone is looking for a home with a pool and is ready for the commitment of  pool ownership, then a pool can act as the deciding factor when it comes time to purchase a new home.