How Much Work Does Owning A Swimming Pool Require

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Owning a swimming pool can be a wonderful experience and create lasting memories for those who have them.  Just think about all the good times that can be had without leaving the comfort of your own property.  I’m talking about pool parties, backyard bbq’s, forming bonds with your family members, getting the kids outside for a change, getting well needed exercise, relaxing after a long day, or a special date night with dinner and drinks on the patio overlooking your beautiful backyard resort.  These are all things that owning a swimming pool can provide.  For some though, the requirement to maintain the swimming pool is enough to deter them from making the decision to actually get one.  This doesn’t need to be the case.

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When I envision my backyard in the summer time I see my beautiful patio overlooking the pool where my family spend most of their time in the summer.  I see myself teaching the young ones how to swim without having to purchase a Y membership or ever leaving the backyard.  I see lunches on the patio with the family, and dinner being cooked on the grill.  I see my beautiful wife sitting in the sun overlooking the kids as they play.  I see family friends over enjoying the pool on weekends, and the kids having pool parties with their friends.  I see my wife and I sitting outside in the evening after the kids have gone off to bed, wine glasses in hand with the lights from the pool reflecting off the house as we enjoy our time alone.  Most of all I see smiles on the faces of everyone that takes the time to enjoy our pool.

Unfortunately some people do not see those things and instead they visualize themselves spending countless hours cleaning and maintaining the pool.  They see themselves spending far too much money on chemicals and they see themselves spending more time working on the pool rather than enjoying it.  To those who think this way I want to tell you that those days are over.

I have already written about how to have your vinyl liner inground swimming pool clean itself but I want to reiterate it so those of you that have not read it can get a better idea of how it is done.  First of all if you live near a lot of trees you might think that if you get a pool you will be cleaning it every day.  When the leaves fall and get blown around in the wind they will inevitably get into the pool.  This is probably true, but with the technology that is available that does not necessarily mean the you will need to get the pole and net and fish them out every day.  Sounds unbelievable right?  Well believe it because it is true.  Paramount Pool Products has created a system that will remove the debris for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your pool.


They have come up with a system using a special main drain called the MDX-R3 that will suck up any leaves, bugs, or dirt that comes near them.  With the MDX-R3 you will get a secondary drain called the SDX.  This drain gets installed on the wall of the pool to provide some added safety.


So if the MDX ever gets blocked by something the SDX is capable of taking on the full suction of the pump.  This has two benefits, one is that the pump won’t run dry, and the other is that if the object blocking the MDX-R3 is a person they won’t become stuck.  As an added bonus the SDX will remove any small debris that happens to be floating by mid level.


In addition to the MDX-R3 and the SDX Paramount has created a special type of return jet called a SwingJet that will help to push the debris to the main drain so it can be removed.  The way it works is that the swing jet moves in a 90 degree arc and has plenty of power to push debris away.  The key is to have a few of these SwingJets strategically placed throughout your pool to effectively deliver the debris to the main drain where it is sucked up and removed.

As an added benefit the SwingJets will also circulate the water much better than a standard return.  This will allow the heater or heat pump to work more efficiently and reduce the cost of chemicals.  Now you may be wondering where the debris goes from there.

Well I’m glad you asked.  There are a couple things that can be done with it.  You can either let it be strained out by the pump basket, or you can have their Debris Canister collect it for you.  If you expect to have a lot of debris in the pool I would suggest the Debris Canister as it can hold much more than a standard pump basket.  The canister will be installed deck side where you can access it without having to leave the pool area.  You will basically just need to open a lid, remove a basket, dump it, and re-install it in the canister.  Because it holds a significant amount of debris you will find that you will not have to dump it all that often, and when you do you will see that the process of emptying the canister takes far less time than it would to sweep the pool by hand.  I’m talking a matter of seconds versus maybe an hour to sweep the pool.  So with this system you will find that you will be spending far less time if any actually cleaning the pool.  Now you might say “Okay, that’s all well and good for larger debris and dirt and stuff, but what about all the tiny little organisms and bacteria that grows in a pool?  I will still be spending a bunch on chemicals.”  Well to that I would say that Paramount has got you covered.

Clear O3

They offer two products that effectively eliminate 99% of that without requiring you to lift a finger.  The Ultra UV and the Clear O3 are two products that sanitize pool water and reduce the amount of chemicals you will need to maintain the pool.  The Ultra UV uses ultra violet light to kill those nasty little things that grow in the pool and the Clear O3 utilizes ozone to kill these types of things.  When the two products are combined with the SwingJets, MDX-R3, and the SDX you get a virtually maintenance free pool.

For more information on how to have a virtually maintenance free pool take a look at my 3 part blog post titled How To Have Your Vinyl Liner Inground Swimming Pool Clean Itself.  Also check out Paramount’s website