Why Own A Pool

in ground pool

Nothing says awesome party like a swimming pool.  Swimming pools are becoming more and more common, and more affordable than ever.  Obviously an above ground swimming pool would be cheaper than an in ground.  That being said an in ground pool is something that can be used to compliment your backyard whereas an above ground pool is something that some people see as more of an eye sore.  In some cases home owners associations dictate if you can have an above ground pool or not.  In my opinion above ground pools are somewhat of an eyesore for the yard.  They are just a large object obstructing the view of the yard.  So if you have nice landscaping around the pool it would not be easily visible from any given point in the yard.  An in ground pool on the other hand is something that can be used to compliment the backyard.  Depending on what you are willing to do and what you are willing to spend you can potentially turn your backyard from something boring and simple into an elegant backyard oasis of sorts.  Really the possibilities are endless.  The awesome thing about an in ground pool is that no matter what type of landscaping you do around the pool and in your backyard, you will be able to see it from anywhere in the yard.  Some people may say that a swimming pool is too much work to maintain and costs too much to install.  With many different financing options available you might be surprised at how affordable they really are.  With the technology available today the cost of maintaining a swimming pool has gone down substantially, and the time needed to spend on maintaining the pool can be drastically cut down.  There are certain products available that can be combined into one pool that can make the pool virtually maintenance free.

There is also two rumors that constantly circulate regarding swimming pools and property value.  One is that having a swimming pool lowers your property value.  The other is that having a swimming pool increases your property value.  The truth is that it all depends on the market, and if the potential buyer is looking for a house with a pool, and understand the needs of a swimming pool.  If you live in an area that having a swimming pool is a must for most people then it stands to reason that by having one your house could sell for much more than it would if it did not have one.  It just depends, so before you buy into either rumor be sure to check out the market.

There is also the assumption that swimming pools are dangerous.  As with any body of water there are some risks involved.  However with the appropriate precautions that risk decreases dramatically.  Things like fences, alarms, and adequate supervision play an important role in keeping everyone safe around a swimming pool.  The most at risk of injury are younger children, and to keep them as safe as possible it is important that they first be taught how to swim.  In addition to that the fence, alarm system, and supervision will go a long way to keeping them safe.

Swimming pools can be a wonderful benefit to any backyard.  They offer a place of solitude, as well as a place for recreation, fitness, therapy, and many enjoyable summer days.  For more information regarding swimming pool safety you can check out my other blog posts with swimming pool safety in the titles, or visit http://www.poolsafely.gov/ where you can see the most up to date information regarding swimming pool safety.  For other information on the types of vinyl liner in ground pools, how your pool can maintain itself, and the benefits of having a vinyl liner in ground swimming pool please check out my other blog posts.  If anyone has any questions regarding any of the information in my posts please feel free to ask.