Only Alpha’s Garden Gems

in ground pool

There is an ongoing mindset that bigger and more is better.  In almost every aspect of American life people strive to have the biggest and the best.  We do this with our cars, houses, and swimming pools as well as food portions.  We have extra large sodas, plates of food that we couldn’t, or shouldn’t finish.  It seems like everything is about the biggest and the best.  I have recently been posting pictures of very nice swimming pools on our Facebook page.  In doing that I noticed again that people are striving for very large swimming pools.  However through my research I have found some very nice and tranquil looking smaller swimming pools.  That being said I want to take this opportunity to stress that in regard to swimming pools sometimes less is more.  I have seen some very nice smaller pools that I would be happy to call my own.  Only Alpha Pool Products has an entire line of swimming pools dedicated the idea that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  This post is all about our Garden Gems.

Basically with our building materials one could build any size or shape pool they desire.  That includes our Garden Gem line of vinyl liner in ground swimming pool.  With everybody wanting more and more I am pleased to be able to offer these smaller yet beautiful pools for the more modest home owner.  I understand that this line of smaller pools is not for everybody.  A family with multiple children might find that a larger pool better fits their needs.  Another thing that you will want to consider in addition to the size of the pool is the depth of the pool.  These Garden Gems aren’t necessarily designed to function as diving pools.  However If you are looking for more of a place to relax and enjoy the sounds of the water and the sounds of nature around you then you may be more inclined to consider a smaller pool.

Lets take a look at a few pools that I consider to be Garden Gems.


This pool is one that I had posted on our Facebook page.  Looking at this pool, it is clear that it was designed to bring a kind of tranquil beauty to this back yard.  It is complimented by the landscaping around it.  This pool appears as if it is a hidden treasure in the middle of beautiful garden which makes it a very good example of a Garden Gem.  In my opinion this pool would be a wonderful place to relax after a long day.


This next pool is another one that maintains that simplistic beauty that is easily attainable with the Garden Gem line.  It again has little concrete around it, which makes it seem as though it belongs there.  This one also has a gorgeous pool house and stone wall nearby.  In the foreground of the photo, a couple hedge rows give the feeling that this pool is in a secluded location, surrounded by nature.  Here they have set out some lounge chairs for themselves and guests to relax in.

Here you can see how this pool and the one above are similar in that they are both smaller rectangular pools.  The difference is in the landscaping and architecture of the pool houses.  Many different feelings can be achieved by altering the way the area around the pools is designed.  The pool to the left is equipped with deck jets as well.  This would give the owners and guests the relaxing sounds of running water.  There is a bit more concrete around this pool, but I don’t think that it necessarily hurts the overall aesthetic value of the pool.  However with the amount of concrete and the architecture of the pool house, I get more of a suburban feel from it.  In the last photo, the architecture of the pool house and landscaping around the pool offer a more countryside feel.

This next pool offers a completely different feel all together.  For starters this pool breaks away from the rectangular shape and heads for more of a natural look.  That, coupled with the awe striking landscaping around it makes this pool stand out from the others that we have seen thus far.  Clearly a lot of time and thought went into the design of this Garden Gem.  The multiple levels and planter areas around the pool offer an eye catching focal point to what would likely be an ordinary backyard.

The point of all of this is to demonstrate that bigger is not always better.  In some cases a smaller pool can be far more interesting than a large pool.  The few pools that I have shown here today are all in my opinion representative of Garden Gems.  A Garden Gem is a concept.  It can be any shape, but typically it will be smaller and complimented by the area around it.  As you have seen, it can be enclosed by nature, or it can be somewhat open.  Either way I find these Garden Gems to be much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than the larger cookie cutter pools.  So if you are contemplating getting a pool, give the Garden Gem some serious consideration.  If that is the route you want to go I would also recommend checking out some ideas on Pintrest as well.  Like us on Facebook to see even more Garden Gems, and other amazing pools.