The Backyard Staycation

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There has been an increase in the amount of people putting money into their own backyards rather than spending it on expensive vacations.  More and more people are taking advantage of the concept of the staycation.  In case you are not aware a staycation is when someone, or a family of individuals take time off of work and use that time to just stay home and enjoy their time together in their own backyards.  The key to fully enjoying their time at home is in the remodeling of their backyard landscaping.  Many times this remodeling includes the installation of a pool.  In the past I have written about the different benefits of owning a swimming pool and how it can bring a family together.  I have also gone into depth about the cost and work that goes into a pool.  In My opinion to get the best bang for your buck, a vinyl liner in ground pool is the best bet.

When it comes to the different types of pools out there, you have several choices.  Without going into all of the details of each type of pool, I want you to know that a vinyl liner in ground pool is the most economically sound and efficient.  If you are looking for a bit more on the differences in the style of in ground pools, please check out my blog post titled “Why my vinyl liner pool is better than other types of in ground pools”.

In addition to having a pool installed in the backyard, many people are also completely re-doing their backyard landscape all together, or adding a deck.  Another big thing right now that can dramatically enhance your backyard space is an outdoor kitchen.  This will usually include a grill, refrigerator, counter space, and in some cases a fire pit.  These are all things that people are getting to enhance their backyards to get them ready for a staycation.  With all that in mind you can be looking at a fairly substantial expenditure.  However, instead of thinking of it as money spent, you can see it as a investment for you and your family.  It will require some planning and more than likely you will want to consult a landscaper before getting started.  If you are looking to go all out and add a pool to your backyard design, you may want to consider a vinyl liner in ground pool.  Out of the types of pools available I find that vinyl liner pools are the way to go.  These pools are more structurally sound that a one piece fiberglass pool and more cost effective that a concrete pool.  Basically you will get the biggest bang for your buck and it will likely allow some breathing room in your budget to accommodate some of the other things you may be wanting to include in your backyard space.

You may be thinking that your own backyard is not big enough for all of these things.  You may be surprised to find out that a backyard staycation can be attained in the smallest of yards.  A vinyl liner in ground pool can be designed to fit even small backyards leaving room for your other must haves.  As far as the aesthetics and functionality of said pool, it will be up to you.  If you have a smaller backyard that can’t accommodate a large pool then your should not expect to be doing laps in the pool.  Rather you should expect a pool that will be used more for relaxation and a way to cool down in the heat of the summer.  As far as the aesthetics of the pool, and smaller pool can offer a beautiful focal point to any backyard, and with the proper landscaping around the pool you can very well have a pool that appears as though it belongs there.  I know that in Australia many residents have smaller backyards and still have beautiful pools.

The concept of a backyard staycation is attainable for many people with the proper planning and budgeting.  It will likely be a project in which a landscaper and pool builder will have to collaborate to create a master piece.  For more information on vinyl liner in ground swimming pools, please check out my other blog posts.